The weekend of April 14/15, 2018 was marked with an official farewell for Fr. Marcin Zubik CSsR. At the end of each Mass celebrated by Fr. Marcin, representatives of Christ the Redeemer Parish thanked him for his pastoral work in Manville. A farewell reception with ~400 people in attendance was then held at Christ the King's school cafeteria.

After his ordination in 2005, Fr. Marcin Zubik worked in Toruń, Poland and Patagonia, Argentina. He arrived to Manville in 2014 after completing the Redemptorist Preaching School (Tirocinium) in Lublin, Poland.

In addition to his daily priestly ministry, Fr. Marcin gave a great deal of attention to the children's choir while also leading groups of families in bible study and/or spiritual reflection & growth. Every year, he organized retreats for men and women at the "Mount Saint Francis Hermitage" in Endicott, NY and a bicycling pilgrimage to the American Częstochowa in Doylestown. He was responsible for preparing various presentations such as the Living Rosary, the Christmas show (Jaselka) and a unique, patriotic celebration of the 1050th anniversary of Poland’s baptism.

Fr. Marcin is known in our parish as a good preacher and confessor. Over the past four years, his commitment and involvement has served our community well and its spiritual fruits will always remain in our hearts. Christ the Reedemer parishioners offer him their heartfelt thanks and may God bless Fr. Marcin in his new assignment in Argentina!

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